Live A Healthful Life

We are so much more than a grocery or a health food store, we are a community of like-minded people who enjoy learning from each other and supporting local producers and sourcing organic whole foods and more from afar when we need to. We want to make it easy and affordable for you to buy organic, natural and whole food products and more.

Who We Are?

The Healthful Pantry started when a few families decided to source organic and natural food products in bulk from one organic supplier and divide it amongst themselves in Newcastle. We found that this not only saved money but provided much fresher organic & natural food and products, plus we reallyenjoyed the experience of working together repackaging key items. Since then, we have gradually grown into a large organic and natural food buying ‘group’ sourcing items from multiple suppliers. We have developed a large and loyal community of members who now benefit from this same bulk group ordering of organic and natural products.

How It Works

We order in from our suppliers every six weeks. We work with our producers and suppliers to increase the range and size of products we provide on a regular basis and offer a range of size options on many products and are happy to try and source other items and sizes for you by request. Ordering usually closes about 10-12 days before the arrival of our goods. We will delivery your order to you from an additional $9.90 depending on the quantity of goods you order. Orders must be paid for prior to delivery – the option is available to pay via credit card on checkout or to pay via bank transfer closer to the delivery time.

Join The Healthful Community

We want to help you and your family live a ‘Healthful Life’ by learning how to get the most out of the food and products you purchase from us. We offer educational sessions and cooking classes on a regular basis and have many group members with qualifications and expertise in a range of areas, who run events at The Healthful Pantry to help you learn more!

We encourage anyone who can, to participate in our repackaging of items and order picking. Everyone is welcome to join us on packing days – the bonus is you get to meet like-minded people whom you will undoubtedly learn from and be inspired by. This is a completely non-obligatory part of our group – we understand that not all people can help as we all live busy lives. Those who assist will receive a discount off their order, take their order with them on the day and save on delivery fees.

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