SkinDoona Mother’s Love 120g Pump Bottle


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An amazing healing cream to be tried on anything! We have had such inspiring and exciting feedback about this product helping people with many skin irritations and discomforts like eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, nappy rash, minor burns, stretch marks, chemotherapy related sores, sunburn, cracked heels. Our Facebook page has a lot of great stories and posts from happy customers about the great benefits they’ve found from using Mother’s Love. This is a great cream to have in the cupboard and suitable for all ages, babies, kids, adults and elderly. As well as natural oils and the herbal extracts of Hypericum, Comfrey, Calendula and Golden Seal to soothe any discomforts, our ?Mother?s Love? cream contains the essence of the Mother?s Love rose and other vibrational essences to help with any emotional imbalances. Seriously – try this cream on anything!! Spread the LOVE … Ingredients*: Filtered water, vegetable based emulsifying wax, organic vegetable glycerine, organic olive oil, almond oil, apricot kernel oil, cocoa butter, organic rosehip oil, Calendula officinalis, Symphytum officinalis (comfrey), Hypericum perforatum (St John?s wort), Hydrastis canadensis (golden seal). , citrus seed extract, rosemary antioxidant, vibrational flower essences, Arnica12c Also available in 50g

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Product of Australia